SpeedMonitor for Windows 8 / 10

The free Speed Monitor app from OTARIS allows you to determine the actual speed of your Internet connection easily.

The speed test can be used anytime, anywhere - at home or on the road, with cable or mobile.

The following features are available:

  • Measuring the upload and download speeds
  • Evaluation of the measured velocity
  • Positioning of the measurements on a map
  • Comparison of locations or connections
  • History provides different information
  • Speed Monitor Live Tile monitors connection
  • For professionals: configure own servers
available in DE, AT and CH
Or just test directly in your browser

To ensure a proper measurement result, a server with very fast response is required. Our test servers provide reliable and fast data connectivity and thus optimal conditions for speed tests - without distortion of values.

The free SpeedMonitor is exclusively available in the Windows Store. Apps for the iPhone and Android are coming soon.