SpeedMonitor for Windows 8 / 10

You can measure the speed of your Internet connection with the SpeedMonitor App for Win8/10 anytime, anywhere. It does not matter whether you have a DSL, LTE, 3G or 2G connection, LAN or your computer is wireless or mobile connected.

The SpeedMonitor measures

  • Upload speed
  • Download speed
  • Round trip time
  • Web page load time

and then transmits these data into a history. Numerous analysis options help you to create detailed analysis of the measured data.

All in all, a comprehensive and free tool that you can download here:

available in DE, AT and CH

Analyze your connection

A lot of available features allow you to watch, evaluate or analyze SpeedMonitor’s measurements.

  • Evaluate your connection speed
  • Add locations to compare
  • Measurements are shown in a map
  • Keep track of previous measurements
  • Compare different sites together
  • Compare and contrast a variety of networks and consider their differences
  • Chart summaries demonstrate connection’s stability

Design your home screen

Evaluate your personal home screen in Windows 8/10 by individual creation of your Live Tile with lot of interesting information about network connection.

  • Display important information in the Speed Monitor Live Tile
  • Keep track of your network connection
  • Watch your internal and external IP address
  • Display the current connection (wireless, cable, wireless)
  • Display additional information (network encryption, bandwidth)

Configure your own server

The SpeedMonitor provides professionals the configuration of own testing server. To obtain information on the speed and reliability of your own server:

  • Define your own server for upload and download tests
  • Test the load time of public websites
  • Define your own domain for your round trip time tests